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Why is Perth Getting Rid of its Cars?

The whole new idea of getting rid of cars in order to get healthier is getting more and more popular in one of Australia’s largest and most metro city of Perth.


So what made the most ‘driven’ country in the world start to change the way it looks at transit? Mostly, articles on how obese the Australian population is getting in recent times due to their inherent lifestyle. According to reports published on the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare, about 63% of Australians were overweight.

Contributing factors vary from unhealthy food habits to lifestyles of these locals. Also, there were about 19.2 million registered motor vehicles in Australia as on January 2018 with car sales going up by at least 2% every year.


Alarming? Definitely. Irreversible? Not necessarily!


We know that Aussies are getting rid of their old, unwanted vehicles to switch to public transport and/or healthier modes of transport like bicycles or even scooters. Hoverboards are getting wildly popular amongst teenagers and young adults who travel to college and sometimes, work. With easier access to trains and buses, young adults are opting for skateboards as well.


But who is taking care of all these vehicles that are being dumped?

Perth’s car removal companies, such as Ultra Car Removal are one of the major stakeholders in the event of car disposal in Perth.


Perth’s car owners did not have to struggle much in order to look for car buyers in their city and surrounding suburbs due to the presence of a reliable and professional car removal company in Perth. Ultra Car Removals not only buys cars off their owners, but they also offer top cash quotes to their customers for free.


Other benefits offered by Ultra Car Removals for car owners in Perth looking to sell their old, unwanted car for cash:

  1. They offer a free valuation for your vehicle. As soon as you get in touch with them via their online quote form or their phone number, they will offer you a free quote. This is a valuation of your car that will be done online while you’re on call! They’re so quick because they have the best industry professionals working for them that have the knowledge to be able to assess the optimal value of your car.
  2. They wreck cars, dismantle them and then scrap them with zero waste production. They will wreck any vehicle and dismantle it for parts that can be used further. The rest of the vehicle is then scrapped by scrap metal recycling and sold to metal buyers.
  3. They pay cash up to $9999 for used cars in Perth. Finding a buyer that pays the right amount of cash money for a used car in Perth is difficult, if not entirely impossible. Ultra Car Removal will pay you instant cash for your vehicle in Perth, and is willing to pay as high as $9999!
  4. They offer free services for a hassle-free experience. All their car removal services and augmented benefits are offered free of cost to car owners and car sellers in Perth. They are willing to buy your car and do the paperwork for free. The understanding of legal paperwork regarding car sales can be cumbersome and tiring even to understand. This is what makes them distinct from other car buying professionals in Perth.
  5. Free pickup of your vehicles from your mentioned location is available. They offer customised and highly personalised service. The car removal company follows its vision of customer-eccentricity with passion. They also have the option of booking a slot for the pickup of your car. You can book it today, or later, according to your convenience.


Get in touch with Ultra Car Removals today via their online quote form or on their phone at  0423 841 304 today and book a slot!


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