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Scrap Car Removal

Calling Ultra Car Removal is a call that gets you the most cash for your scrap car. We are Auto Wreckers that only practice the Green Auto Recycling standards. Get the best offer for your vehicle. Give us a call for a Cash for Scrap Cars quote up to $9999 CASH.

Call us at 0423 841 304

Scrap Car Buyer Perth

No grunting, no gritting. At Ultra Car Removal, you have an Auto Buyer in Perth that takes the strain out of getting rid of your Scrap Car. You don’t have the tedious chore of any work.  All that we require of vehicle owners is to have the car parked in an area that provides our technicians with access to the auto. As a courtesy and time saver for our technicians, we also ask that you have the plates for the vehicle
removed. When we buy your Scrap Car, the process is hassle free!

  • Hundreds of Thousands – We Make High Payouts for Scrap Autos. High payouts that reach up to $9999 CASH. We take into consideration the weight and size of your vehicle as well as its condition and precious metals that all add to its value.
  • High Payouts, and Instant Cash for Scrap Car Payments – We make instant Cash for Scrap Cars payments, so you don’t have to wait for a cheque in the mail or a money transfer. We pay you at the time you choose to have your vehicle inspected and removed.
  • Convenient Scrap Car Removals – Day or night, our customers let us know when they’d like us to come to their location to remove their vehicle. We work 24/7, scheduling Scrap Car Inspections & Removals at hours convenient for our customers. Just let us know when you want us to arrive to inspect, buy & remove your Scrap Car, and we’ll schedule it in whatever hour or day of the year.
  • Eco-friendly Car Disposals – Our high standards mean that the green is kept in the environment with our Car Disposals. We avoid the landfills by recycling vehicles nearly 100 percent. Your auto will end up back on the shelves in recycled products, metals, and steel.
  • Provide the Paperwork – We provide a professional sales contract, so you do not have to draw one up. Our contract is straight forward with no hidden clauses, so you only have to read and sign.

Selling Your Scrap Car Never Got Easier

  1. You contact us with the make, model, age and condition of your vehicle and we’ll make you an offer.
  2. Accept or reject our offer.
  3. Schedule a Free Scrap Car Removal.
  4. Count your cash.

When it comes to getting rid of your Scrap Car, we are the fastest and the most convenient way to get rid of your vehicle.

  • No towing expense – we collect it for free!
  • We do all loading of the vehicle, so no heavy work!

Get A Quote Today

To get a Cash for Scrap Cars quote from the Auto Buyers & Wreckers in Perth that do make good cash offers:
1.    Contact us at 0423 841 304
2.    Complete our “Get a Quote” form

We provide quotes within minutes during business hours, so you don’t have to waste time deciding if you want us to buy your vehicle. You’ll have your quote within 10 minutes and can decide if you’d like to take us up on our offer.

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