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Quick Tips For Higher Value when selling car

Do you want to get important information on you can sell your car for cash without hassle or price changing scheme then this blog is just for you. There are time where you or someone you might know have experienced not a happy sale of car, Having strangers or car dealers visit your house, under values your car but if you knew about the tips below you would’ve gotten more value on your car.

Main tips to maximize value

Getting your car ready for sale.

  • There are few pathways to follow when selling a car including calling a car dealer, car removal companies, car wreckers and going through private sale.
  • Clean your car inside and out, Specializing if there is any scratches on the car. Just for about $100 your car can be clean and it gives an idea for the buyer how the car is treated.
  • Often it is not a good idea cleaning the car by yourself if your not experienced, Remember to wash engine bay, boot and wheels.
  • Never leave anything laying in interior, this gives an idea to the seller that you haven’t kept the car clean, It creates a negative impression.
  • Before selling your car it is essential to service and make sure there are no issues with the car, On first test drive if the car doesn’t drive well it is most likely your car won’t be sold!
  • Another component to check is the tires, Make sure there are enough air in tires before having the seller at your place. Each tire has a limit of air pressure.
  • Get your car registration paper up to date, make sure its the current and valid registration papers.
  • Check the log book of your car, It should have record of each service.
  •  Overall take the car for a test drive yourself and make sure it runs all fine without any issues.

How to take photos of your car

When taking photos of the car do it at the right time of the day, A common mistake often car owners do is taking photos during a sunny day. Best time to take photos is just before sunrise or about 15 minutes after sunset. Check of the reflection anything shining around the car will not allow to take the best photos. What if my car’s color is blue? Then its best take photo during sunlight, Just look at the photo below.

Check the background of taking a photo, Avoid things that distracts the eye such as Bins, power lines, other cars it can reduce the effectiveness of the photo.

Providing information to the buyer

Whether your writing an ad to sell your car for cash in Perth or giving a car removal companies a call such as Ultra car removal it is best to know what information should be provided. First introduce your car, inform them of make, mode, variant, color, mileage and condition. When explaining about the condition of the vehicle be honest and if unsure of some issues just inform you don’t know. Being honest with the buyer puts an impression that whatever you say is true. Offer a free revs check if required to make sure they’re not buying a car stolen, finance or written off. Avoid abbreviations and jargon words. When writing an ad try to be as short as possible with informative description. Inform of any past accident history you might be aware.

If you follow the tips above then you’ll be surprised how much of difference you made and your car can be sold at higher price. Selling car for cash is much easier if Ultra car removal Perth is contacted on: 0423 841 304

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