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Causes of Excessive Tire Wear

In anticipation of seasonal tire fitting, some drivers, inspecting their winter tires, are surprised to find that with moderate mileage over the past season they wore out much more than expected. In order to avoid a similar situation in the future, it is important to pay attention to the main factors contributing to premature tire wear.


It is not safe to use summer tires in winter, but this does not stop everyone. There is such a category of drivers who can go on a winter set all summer. And although this is not explicitly prohibited, it is strongly discouraged to do so: the rubber compound has much more natural rubber, which provides the tires with softness at low temperatures – among other things, this means that in hot weather the winter tires wear out much more on the asphalt.

 Wheel alignment and tire pressure

Perhaps the most popular cause of tire problems is incorrect wheel alignment. Not all drivers follow the recommendations to adjust the wheel alignment after each intervention in the car’s suspension. If such a check is not done on time, it may subsequently turn out that the front or rear tire pair is “eaten” from the edges.

Competition with incorrect wheel alignment can be an equally popular reason for quick wear – incorrect tire pressure. Check tire pressure once every three weeks and be sure to – before a long trip.

Malfunctioning suspension

Setting the kinematics of the chassis is an extremely complex and responsible process, during which many factors are taken into account. Only after this, a new car model gets a ticket to the conveyor. At the same time, damage to the suspension during operation can immediately affect the condition of the tires: this is also indicated by multiple areas of increased tread wear. Such symptoms are an indication for visiting a service station and checking the suspension of a car.

Aggressive driving

Forcing curbs at speed leads to deformation of the tire carcass, which, although it has a margin of safety, does not return to its previous shape after certain loads. In the most severe cases, a dent or a gap remains on the tire, making it impossible to use it, but even if everything looks good on the outside, damage from jumping over the curbs violates the geometry and the tires will probably last much less. Nokian Tires found a solution to the problem of damaged sidewalls and developed Aramid Sidewalls technology. The use of heavy-duty aramid fibers increases the sidewall resistance to punctures and cuts, provides even greater tire mileage and gives more confidence to drivers on the road.

And of course, you should pay attention to your driving style. The faster the car rides in a bend and the higher its weight is, the stronger the tires are erased, providing the necessary grip and keeping the car on the trajectory.

The consequences of improper storage

Tire condition can be worsened not only by improper operation, but also by violation of storage requirements. Tires should be stored in a cool, well-ventilated room with normal humidity. In addition, tires without disks cannot be stacked or suspended, and tires on disks should not be stacked vertically. If there are no necessary conditions for storing off-season kits, then you can use the Hakka-hotel service provided by VIANOR tire centers: you can come, change shoes and leave the tires for storage. All that is needed is to make an appointment with the tire center, park the car and wait for Vianor specialists to get winter tires from the warehouse, carry out tire repairs and send them to the summer warehouse.

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