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Car Wrecker Perth

Ultra Car Removal knows vehicle owners need a no hassles auto wrecker that makes fair cash offers on vehicles and provides services for free. Ultra Car Removals is that Auto Wrecker in Perth. We have established Wreckers that are licensed and insured and provide all the ease you are looking for when trying to find a reputable Car Wrecker.

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We Offer Car Wrecking Services You Want

At Ultra Car Removal, you have Car Wreckers that will pay Cash for your vehicle. As professional Wreckers with all the technology and equipment in our wrecking yard necessary for properly dismantling vehicles & green car recycles, we can buy your vehicle whatever its make & condition. Our Auto Wreckers have years of experience in recycling and reconditioning parts, metals and even cars themselves, so you get the most value from your vehicle.

When we buy your vehicle to wreck, our wreckers come to you, offering you cash for the auto, and removing it. We believe in offering this service free to all vehicle owners in Perth. When we have the auto back at our wrecking yard, fluids will be drained and recycled or contained and properly disposed of; parts will be pulled for recycling or reconditioning, and all other components will be stripped for recycling or reconditioning and then the steel of the vehicle crushed to form new steel. Our Auto Wrecking in Perth is designed to provide our customers with the fastest, most convenient, and profitable way to dispose of their scrap, accident, wrecked, damaged or old vehicle.

Why Choose Us?

When Ultra Car Removal provides your car disposal, you have a Wrecker that works to provide you with the best and most convenient Car Removal & Wrecking Services in Perth. We are a licensed & insured Car Wreckers that love wrecking vehicles and have all the best and latest equipment to wreck them to their fullest. While we may be the only Wrecker in Perth that will accept your particular make & condition of a vehicle, we don’t overlook the value of the vehicle once recycled. Knowing the value we can get from your vehicle, you know you have a fair cash offer when the dismantlers at Ultra Car Removal makes the offer.

We also offer the service of free towing to vehicle owners located in Perth. Whether you work in Perth or live in Perth, when we’ll be picking up your vehicle in Perth, our removal services are provided for free. Vehicle owners can depend on a Car Removal that is fast and convenient as we schedule all pick ups at times that are convenient for the vehicle owner, and work fast once we get there.

Ultra Car Removal provides the services you want when looking for an Auto Wrecker in Perth.

Sell Your Car Today

Ultra Car Removal is your local Car Wrecker that is right around the corner from you. We have technicians stationed throughout Perth to provide fast cash & quick removals. To have your vehicle sold & removed today:

1.    Contact us and let us know the details of your vehicle so we can provide you with a fair cash quote. We’ll need the make, model, age, condition & odometer reading.
2.    We’ll make you an offer you can accept or reject.

Accept, and hear the word “SOLD.” We’ll then schedule a time to inspect, remove and pay for your auto.

Give us a call today at 0423 841 304

We make fair cash offers on old, scrap, accident and damaged vehicles.

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