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Car Disposal

Ultra Car Removal’s Car Disposals leave vehicle owners with knowing their vehicle disposal hasn’t created hazards to the environment. We understand the concerns that vehicle owners have when trying to get rid of an old, scrap, damaged or wrecked vehicle, and we offer an easy way to do it. Our Wrecking Yard in Perth will buy & collect your vehicle to dispose of it in an eco-friendly manner with no cost to you.

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Fast & Free Car Disposals Perth

Vehicle owners don’t have to look all over town to find a Car Disposal Company that will accept their vehicle. Ultra Car Removal buys all makes & conditions of vehicles that aren’t suited for any place but the wrecking yard. As green auto recycles, vehicle owners do not have the concerns that typically go along with disposing off their vehicle.

We recycle the vehicle so that all the dangerous fluids are properly contained and recycled or disposed of, and all the parts and steel will be recycled and put back on the shelves in the form of new products, steel, and metals. With our Car Disposals, you don’t have the worry of toxins and pollutants contaminating the environment. We offer fast & free Car Recycling that leaves you with cash.

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We Pay You When We Remove Your Vehicle

As the Wrecking Company in Perth that provides ultra services, you have a company that makes getting rid of your vehicle quick, easy and profitable. We come to you to tow the vehicle to our wrecking yard and provide you with a cash payment for the vehicle. We can accurately value any make and condition of vehicle to ensure that you receive a fair price on the car. Our Wreckers offer Cash Quotes over the phone and through our web page. These Cash Quotes are based on different factors of the vehicle like the make, model, condition, age, odometer reading, size and weight. At Ultra Car Removal, you have a car removal company that provides you with the Car Disposal Services.

Why Choose Ultra Car Removal?

Ultra Car Removal has years of experience in Auto Wrecking, making us a good choice in a service provider as you have a reputable Disposal Company. We are a fully established company with a Wrecking Yard in Perth that is equipped with the best and latest equipment and technology to wreck vehicles, getting the most value from the auto. We are a Car Removal company, Cash for Cars buyer and auto wrecker all wrapped into one. With our services, scrap, accident, damaged and old car owners have the best and most convenient way of getting rid of their unwanted vehicle.
With each vehicle we come to collect we guarantee the owner:

  • Cash for their car, truck, 4×4, SUV, Ute, Jeep, van, bus or bike
  • Free auto pick up anywhere in Perth
  • Free car disposals i.e. car recycle
  • We provide the paperwork necessary to legally buy your car

While your auto may no longer be fit for the road, it is fit for recycle, which means cash to you. We are the Car Removal & Wrecking company in Perth that doesn’t short change their customers.

Get A No Obligation Cash Quote Today

For a free, no obligation cash quote:
1.    Call us at 0423 841 304
2.    Complete our “Get a Quote” form.

We will require the make, model, age and condition of your vehicle at the time of your call to provide you with an accurate cash quote that will be paid at the time we collect the vehicle.

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