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5 Step Guide when Selling Your Car in Perth Online

Selling a car can be a big deal when you have no clue how to do it. But here we are! We will help you get rid of your car in Perth with the help of technology! Set your priorities right and wait for us to get you rid of your car within a stipulated time frame. But how do you do it? What are the steps that guide you to an efficient car buying process in Perth, especially when it’s online?

Most Australians are unaware of ways to trade online, and we are still not as at ease with buying or selling things online as we should have been, right?

selling car for cash

Let’s ease up the process for you and help you remove that car from your garage today!

Step 1: Make the tough choice

Whether you want to sell your car or not is a big decision to make. Your vehicle could be your source of income, your leisure place, and sometimes your work space (hey, we’re not judging anyone here.). And for the majority, it serves as a source of the commute. Whether you’ve decided to get a new car, switch to electronic cars, start taking public transport or just get rid of that vehicle that has been lying around in your garage, you need to be sure that you are doing it. Once you have decided to pull the plug, consider moving on to the next option.

Step 2: Click a few good pictures

Now, once you’ve decided to get this old, unwanted car out of your home, let’s go back to the basics. The people on the internet do not know what you or your car look like. Imagine this is a facebook profile for your car and you want to have a great friend list. So you need to put in good looking pictures of your vehicle.

Tip: You wouldn’t put in a picture of you that would suggest you’ve not showered for days, right? Then apply the same rule on your vehicle and get it cleaned. Then click a few pictures and upload them.

You can use various listing websites that are available on the internet like Gumtree.

Step 3: Check Avenues to sell

Where can you sell your car? Online websites have a lot of demands for their profiles. They set up marketplaces for you and your car buying. You can list your vehicle online and they will look for a car and find yours. Depending on your description of the car or vehicle, they will then get in touch with you on whatever mode you have made available. A suggestion here is, always try to give a phone number or email account ID that you check regularly for emails, messages or calls. This ensures you don’t lose out on any potentially great deals.

Step 4: Choose the best deal available

Now that your vehicle is up there, you will get calls and texts regarding that. A lot of people will ask you obvious questions regarding what your car looks like, the fuel efficiency, etc. Since you will have provided these on your online ad that they seem to have ignored, this might start to get annoying after the first few calls. Try your best to have a text message saved to forward to anyone who asks such questions, it’s a lot faster.

Step 5: Let it go

Now that you’ve found the one buyer who will give you the kind of deal you want, let your car go with grace. MAke sure you make it clear to the car buyer that you will not want to be bothered by any upcoming issues regarding this vehicle.


You can also alternatively sell your vehicle to a scrap car buyer in Perth. They will come to your location and pick your car up for free. You will then have the advantage of skipping all of these steps and getting the cash in your hands immediately. Ultra Car Removals will also offer free paperwork to you once you get in touch with them.


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