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What is the difference between injector and carburettor

The fuel system of a car consists of various components and parts that can perform similar functions. For the engine to work, a fuel supply system is needed, and the solution to such problems is to install a carburetor or injector.

Although these devices have fundamental differences in design, their task is to prepare a combustible mixture.

Depending on the model of the car, one of these systems is installed, and finding out how the injector differs from the carburetor is quite simple.


Carburetor device

Carburetor – is the simplest type of device for feeding and spraying gasoline. The process of mixing fuel with air is performed mechanically, and adjusting the flow of the mixture requires careful tuning.

Thanks to the use of simple mechanisms, the carburetor system is easy to maintain. An experienced motorist can perform such repairs on their own, which gives certain advantages in operation.

For such operations, it is not difficult to purchase a repair kit, and all work is carried out with a standard tool available in the machine.

The carburetor is located on the intake manifold, and its design consists of a float and mixing chambers. For fuel supply, a spray tube is used to connect the chambers to each other.

Fuel is supplied to the float chamber using a gas pump, and a needle filter and float provide a stable supply of gasoline. The mixing chamber is also called air and consists of a diffuser, atomizer and throttle.

When the pistons move, a vacuum is created that ensures the absorption of atmospheric air and gasoline. This mixing ensures stable operation of the engine.


Injector device

Injector – has a more advanced fuel supply control system. All operations are monitored by an electronic system. Such equipment calculates with a high accuracy the portion of fuel necessary for the operation of the engine.

To determine the desired flow rate, readings are taken from a variety of car sensors, and the microcontroller instantly performs the desired calculation.

To understand that a carburetor or injector is better, you should compare their device and give preference to a more practical model.

Fuel is supplied to the injector using special nozzles. This principle of operation differs from carburetor injection, and almost all modern cars are equipped with it.

Fuel is injected into the air flow automatically and depends on the engine operating mode. The nozzle itself opens due to the action of the electromagnet, and closing is done using a spring.

In such a system, constant pressure is maintained by a special valve on the ramp, which dumps excess fuel.

Depending on the car brand and engine features, the following nozzle connection options can be used:

  • Single point (single injection);
  • Multipoint (distributed);
  • Direct (direct injection).

Such a system requires precise control of the injection and depends on the quality of the fuel. For such purposes, the injector uses an electronic control unit that matches the supply of gasoline to the driving conditions.


Fundamental differences between carburetor and injector

The task of the carburetor is to prepare and supply the air-fuel mixture, which is necessary for the operation of the engine. Moreover, such a mixture arrives regardless of the operating mode of the engine. This fuel supply system is characterized by high consumption and severe air pollution by exhaust gases.

You can determine the difference between the injector and the carburetor by examining their principle of operation and the main differences. In an engine equipped with an injector, fuel enters in a precisely calculated dosage, eliminating overspending.

The use of such technology has not only an economic effect. The engine power of an injector controlled increases by an average of 10%.

The dynamics of the car’s movement are also improving, which positively affects its handling.


Carb benefits

The carburetor fuel supply system has passed dozens of years of testing and is entitled to count on the attention of drivers. Its main advantage is the ability to repair in almost any unforeseen situation away from the service center. The advantages and differences of this technology can be easily seen from such indicators:

  • Lower cost of the device and its operating costs;
  • Lack of carbon deposits and relative undemanding to fuel;
  • Easy to repair and low cost of services;
  • Using engine operation to suck in fuel.

The carburetor is sensitive to temperature conditions. Extreme heat or freezing temperatures can complicate engine starting. It is worth noting that the carburetor is considered an outdated technology and does not meet the requirements of EURO 3.

Injector Benefits

Modern electronic fuel delivery systems surpass the carburetor in many ways. In this case, the stable operation of the engine extends the life of the equipment, and makes repairs rare. A significant difference between the carburetor and the injector can be seen by the advantages of the electronic system.

  • Optimum fuel composition in any engine mode;
  • High reliability of an automatic injection system;
  • Better handling while increasing speed;
  • Insensitivity to freezing temperatures;
  • Power advantages and moderate fuel consumption.

The injector has proven itself in various operating conditions. Such equipment is sensitive to fuel quality and dubious refueling should be avoided. Repairing an injector is expensive, but given its resource and reliability, this system is preferable to a carburetor.


Choosing the optimal fuel supply system

Reflecting on the difference between an injector and a carburetor, many motorists come to the conclusion that the electronic system is much more reliable.

However, the re-equipment of any car is economically unprofitable and will only lead to unnecessary costs. The decision to choose a more economical system is relevant when buying a car.

Understanding the differences between the injector and the carburetor is quite simple, and such knowledge is sure to be useful.


The carburetor has already served its term in the market for modern cars. Despite its advantages, the use of an injector is most effective and meets all environmental requirements.

Carburetor engines are mainly used on older machines, but this technology has proven itself well and needs no further development.

The use of an injector has considerable advantages and this system is installed with no choice in any new machine.

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Injector and carburetor: comparative

More recently, under the hood of any car engine running on gasoline, you could find a carburetor – a device responsible for filling the cylinders with a fuel mixture. Recently, he was replaced by a new device – an injector.

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